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Streamlining Probate: Affordable and Compassionate Legal Services at Ingrum Law

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Navigating Probate Easily - Ingrum Law

Recently, I have been asked again and again about "how to avoid probate" and "whether or not someone needed to put their assets into a trust to avoid probate." My answer has been the same over and over again. Typically, it is difficult if not impossible to avoid probate, especially if you own real property, which is land or a home attached to land. Further, a trust is not an avenue to avoid probate. The best news I give people is that probating an estate is not difficult or expensive if you hire the right attorney.

Ingrum Law charges an up front, initial retainer fee and bills hourly against it. We work hard to keep the attorney fees and costs down. We try to make things as quick and painless as possible for the person that is probating their loved one's estate. We do not charge a percentage of the value of the estate like some other law firms do. Ingrum Law feels that is excessive and is not the fair and ethical way to charge for probate work. At Ingrum Law, we try to make the probate process as simple as possible by explaining the process and empowering the executor or personal representative of the estate to do most of the leg work of handling the probate process so that our attorneys and staff don't have to do so. This keeps our time down and keeps the client's costs down.

If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive way to probate your loved one's estate, then give us a call. We will work diligently to streamline the process to make it as easy and cost effective as possible. We are mindful that you and your family are still grieving and the last thing that you need is a complicated, expensive probate process. Our experience and expertise is just a phone call away. Call us at 615-452-6613!

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