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  • Ingrum Law is home to more Rule 31 Listed Mediators than any other law office in Sumner County. Ingrum Law has three Rule 31 Listed Mediators to serve all of your mediation needs.

  • Each mediator has completed an extensive training course to assist litigants in resolving their disputes without the need for a costly and time-consuming trial. Our mediators pair their knowledge of the rulings of multiple courts across several local counties with their communication and negotiation skills to give your case the best chance of reaching an agreement.

  • Although required by the judges in several cases, mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that gives litigants the opportunity to express feelings and preferences that may be difficult to convey in a trial due to time constraints and various procedural rules. Dissolving a marriage is an emotional process, and our mediators strive to ensure that each party is heard and has the freedom to determine where they are willing to be flexible to meet their primary objectives. When children are involved, mediation gives the parents/custodians of the children a great deal of flexibility in creating plans that cater to your family's needs in a way that the Court may not be inclined to do otherwise.

  • Whether you are seeking a new agreement or revisiting a prior Order, we can help. While we have ample meeting and conference room space to serve all of your mediation needs, some of our mediators will also travel to surrounding counties to fully accommodate your location needs, and we offer virtual or Zoom mediations as well. With three seasoned attorneys serving as mediators, Ingrum Law's availability and range of approaches to your case is second to none.

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