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Civil Law

  • While a deposition may seem straightforward on television, there are many factors at play and lots of preparation needed before a witness should take the stand. Ingrum Law attorneys have decades of experience working with clients in such matters, and know how to properly prepare for a day in court.

    Ambulance for Automobile Accidents Civil Law
  • Product Liability Civil Law

    Product liability refers to the legal liability of manufacturers and sellers to compensate buyers, users and even bystanders, for damage or injuries suffered because of defects in purchased goods. Ingrum Law attorneys are well-trained in these matters, and able to assist individuals, groups or organizations that need help.

  • wrongful death angel statue civil law

    A wrongful death is a tragedy, but Ingrum Law attorneys are well-versed in the matter. There are many legal questions to answer in such a scenario, like whether the unfortunate death was caused by a willful or negligent act of another, or whether it is an original and distinct claim.

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