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Probate Law

  • Estates Probate Law

    Losing a loved one is difficult, but without an understanding of the challenging legal steps needed to handle these affairs, a troubling time can become even more complicated for a family. Laws regarding probating a family member's estate can be confusing to anyone without significant experience and knowledge about the pertinent legal matters, and even a so-called "small estate" is still subject to the laws governing probate of estates.

  • living wills, power of attorney, conservatorships and guardianships probate law

    For many families, planning for possible disability is just as important as planning for your estate. Our office can help with preparing living wills, powers of attorney and health care. If a family member is already disabled or if they are a minor child receiving money and are in need of a court-appointed guardian or conservator, we can assist with the court process and follow up to establish and maintain a court-managed conservatorship or guardianship for them.

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