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Ingrum Law: Your Partner in Legal Success - Responsive, Prepared, Respectful

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Collaborative approach - Ingrum Law

Here at Ingrum Law, we make sure our clients feel valued and supported throughout their case by listening to them and by keeping the line of communication open. It is our law firm policy that all calls and emails should be returned the same day they are received or the next day at the latest if the attorney is in court, appointments, or mediation on the day the call or email is received and a same day reply is not possible. We believe that the attorney and client are a team. The attorney knows the law. The client knows the facts of the case. Together, the attorney and client figure out how to best apply the law to the specific set of facts of the case to get to the best possible outcome for the client in the end.

Our approach is very collaborative. The attorneys at Ingrum Law do not talk down to our clients. We do not patronize our clients. We treat our clients like grown men and women that deserve and demand respect. This engenders trust and builds a strong bond and personal relationship between our attorneys, staff, and clients.

I hear horror stories about clients hiring other attorneys who never return their calls and emails. They talk about other attorneys that are not prepared and who simply meet them at court without meeting to prepare for the hearing or trial. That is not what happens at Ingrum Law. The attorneys at Ingrum Law pride themselves on preparation. They prepare themselves, their clients, and their client's witnesses. Further, exhibits are reviewed, organized, copied, and prepared to be placed into evidence. If you are ready to feel valued and supported throughout your particular legal issue, then feel free to call Ingrum Law at 615-452-6613!

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