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Guard Your Virtual Tongue: Navigating Social Media in Legal Battles

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Be careful what you post - Ingrum Law Firm

In 2024, we live in the age of social media. However, if you are engaged in litigation of any kind, then you do not want to post anything regarding the litigation or anything that could come back to haunt you when you get into court. I often see people post their "dirty laundry" on social media. They post horrible things about their soon-to-be ex-spouse online, and it really reflects poorly on them.

Judges don't like such activity on social media. Inappropriate, derogatory comments about the opposing party are easily printed out and made exhibits in court. So, don't fall into this trap. People live their lives on social media, but they must resist the temptation to do so when they are involved in criminal matters, family law/domestic relations cases, or even civil litigation. A litigant should never say, do, or post on social media anything that they wouldn't want the judge to see, hear, or read.

Finally, such negative posts online reflect poorly on a person's credibility, judgment, and parenting skills. These posts make a person look and sound petty and childish, and they don't set a very good example for the children involved in a case. Such posts don't age well and they are rarely a winning strategy in any form of litigation. #SocialMediaLitigation #MindYourPosts #LegalCredibility

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