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Choosing Mediation Over Litigation: A Path to Peaceful Resolution

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Mediation: A Path To Peaceful Resolution

I am very passionate about mediation. I am a Rule 31 Listed Family Law Mediator. Haley Medley, another attorney in our office, is also a Rule 31 Listed Family Law Mediator. In fact, I met Haley when she mediated two divorce cases for me when I was representing one of the parties to the divorce. I was so impressed with Haley's skills as a mediator that I hired her to come to work for our law firm.

I am passionate about mediation because it works. Mediation saves time, saves money for the litigants, it's confidential, and it prevents the mental and emotional trauma that is brought on by lengthy, costly litigation. Mediation helps to protect your children from having to testify at the divorce trial. Trials always cost more than mediation, and not just in terms of money. The physical, mental, and emotional toll are hard to calculate.

Things will be said at trial that neither side can take back. You will have to deal with your spouse forever if you have children. It doesn't end when your children turn eighteen. Marriage with children is a lifetime commitment even if you get divorced. You will be forever linked. Don't put your children in the middle and don't make your spouse your sworn enemy for life. Mediation works not only in family law, but in civil law as well. Almost any case can be mediated. I mediated a partition suit last week and we settled the entire case saving both parties time, money, and heartache.

If you have an attorney, then ask them about mediation. Tell them you want to hire a Rule 31 Listed Family Law Mediator to mediate your case. Better yet, hire an attorney that is a Rule 31 Listed Family Law Mediator so that you know going in that they believe in and are trained in the art of mediation. Therefore, they will be open to and more likely to guide you in the direction of mediation rather than trying to steer you towards a lengthy, costly trial that will just run up your attorney fees. Mediation just makes sense. Mediate your case. Settle your case. Move on with your life. Give Ingrum Law a call at 615-452-6613!

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