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Building Community Ties: Ingrum Law Firm's Commitment to Gallatin and Beyond

Legal Lens: Viewing Law Through Ingrum Expertise

Community Spotlight - Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce

The Ingrum Law Firm, PLLC is a member of the Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce. It is important to our law firm to get involved and stay involved in the local Gallatin business community as well as getting involved in Sumner County and the surrounding counties in Middle Tennessee.

Having strong ties to the business community can reap rewards for our clients. It is extremely important to know the law, but it is also important to know the community where you practice law. An attorney has to understand local issues, local politics, and has to have a working knowledge of the personalities involved in any given case.

An attorney may have to pick a jury from a pool of local people who will serve as jury of the client’s peers at a trial of their case. Also, various local issues can have an effect on how various types of cases may turn out at trial. Finally, it is always incumbent upon any successful business to be a contributor to their local community.

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